mRadi (Swahili) noun; planned endeavour


Project Management

mRadi is a UK based Professional Services organisation formed with the overarching aim to support businesses to reap maximum rewards from their investment in change programmes and to support client deliveries on behalf of the host organisation.

Whilst Project Management can sometimes be viewed as a black art, using specialised terminology and toolsets, we at mRadi firmly believe in the use of simplicity and plain language as a means to ensure all parties are of the same understanding.

Whilst we do follow established best practice project management methodologies we absolutely believe that business requirements should drive innovation, and as such should form the foundations on which any successful project is dependent, this view has been gained through many years experience and proven time and time again that effort assigned to the robust definition of these critical business requirements will be repaid many times over during the subsequent design and deployment phases of your project, and lead to significant increases that the project will achieve it’s aims.