Contact Centre & Customer Experience

Contact Centre & Customer Experience

The mRadi leadership team has in excess of 30 years experience within the Contact Centre industry and as such is able to chart the changes that have affected this sector.

The Call Centre as a beginning

What started out as the humble call centre offering little more than the ability for customers to contact an organisation, and for the organisation to offer a very reactive based response, through to the current trends of digitisation and omnichannel engagement, that all aim to offer the customer a much more immersive and richer experience; big data has enabled forward thinking organisations to offer greater and greater levels of pro-activeness in an attempt to maximise customer retention.

Undoubtedly the effects of Web 2.0, and to an ever increasing effect Web 3.0 have been responsible for these changes; and as the Web has democratised access to technology we have seen an explosion of Cloud based offerings that have presented serious challenges to the established market leaders; some of which are no longer with us.

Towards the Future

Complexity is now a byword for the Contact Centre, no longer an isolated ‘cost function’ within an organisation, it is moving further and further to the fore of organisational strategy and with it the need for it to form the centre piece of a technological landscape all centred on providing the maximal positive customer experience; both as competitor differentiator and ‘profit centre’.

With Web 3.0 we can see greater emphasis on machine learning and artificial intelligence with which to drive automated engagement and looking towards 2025 it is asserted that the contact centre will move to become an ‘experience hub’; moving from today’s omnichannel experience to a true single view of the customer for all business teams and units and will incorporate high levels of automation.

So it seems clear that the path of the contact centre is irretrievably linked with that of the Web; the challenge for business is to understand this path and to put in place a roadmap to enables them to compete in what will increasingly become a ‘connect things’ sector; far from being a boring side event the contact centre really does look to be the future of things.