Values Based Leadership Advocacy

Values Based Leadership

Many organisations are now realising that the relentless pursuit of more growth and bigger year on year profit margins to satisfy shareholder interests is unsustainable and is causing a backlash from both consumers and prospective employees.   As consumers look to purchase goods and services from organisations that offer values in alignment with their own; and prospective employees  view the values and ethics of an organisation in addition to salary and other perks  it is becoming more critical that organisations  look inwards to identify what they really stand for.

Clarity of purpose is a key aspect organisations are now looking to define to redress the balance back towards their customer and employee base.  Central to an effective purposeful agenda is the definition of the organisations values which should be done in conjunction with the employees to ensure fully accepted and comprehensive values are realised.

Key to the achievement of this aim is the necessary understanding and correct implementation of a Values Based Leadership strategy.  mRadi is a key advocate of Values Based Leadership as a means of not just defining your organisations values and ethics but also as a means to provide your employees with workplace purpose and meaning.

Done effectively Values Based Leadership will increase employee productivity and loyalty to your organisation and will also provide your employees with greater satisfaction, leading to healthier, happier and more socially engaged employees who are more likely to recommend your organisation as a great place to work.

mRadi acts as an advocate of Values Based Leadership to your organisation, operating very much in the background to ensure that the strategy is led by your organisation and not seen as an external consultancy exercise which would be likely to diminish its returns.

For a more comprehensive view of the value that a well thought out Values Based Leadership strategy can provide for your organisation please feel free to contact us further to discuss how this approach can pay dividends for your organisation